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K B Products
 Manufacturer & Exporter of Brass Precision Components
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Cable Gland Kit

Quality is our prime motto & we are achieving it by Providing Quality Products to Our Customers as per National & International Quality Standard.

We at K B Products Believe In

“Total Customer Satisfaction through Providing Total Quality Products"

Quality Policy Processes

  • Incoming Inspection
  • In process Inspection
  • Testing and Final Inspection

Incoming Inspection
Raw materials and bought out items to be used in our Brass Components are inspected visually and dimensionally at incoming stage. Chemical analysis is carried out through Spectrometer whenever required / applicable.

In process Inspection
We ensure to produce right quality material during the production stage itself by carrying out regular periodic inspections. For inspection we are using calibrated instruments like Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Plug Gauges, Ring Gauges, Thread Plug Gauges, Thread Ring Gauges, and Pressure Gauges to achieve maximum reliability of our products.

Testing & Final Inspection

We have facilities for pressure testing of valves, air and steam pressure. Final inspection stage covers visual inspection, dimensional inspection, plating and packaging requirements to ensure almost 100% customer satisfaction

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